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Miriam's Cup: Passover Songbook

Music by Debbie Friedman
Lyrics from Haggadah

B'chol dor va-dor cha-ya-vim a-nu lir-ot et atz-mei-nu, k'i-lu (2x)
K'i-lu ya-tza-nu (3x) mi-Mitz-ra-yim (2x)
In every generation all of us are obligated to see ourselves as though we personally left Egypt.

Traditional melody
Lyrics from Psalm 114:1-4

[Chorus (2x)]
B'tzeit Yis-ra-eil mi-Mitz-ra-yim
Beit Ya-a-kov mei-am lo-eiz

Ha-y'ta (2x) Y'hu-da l'kod-sho Yis-ra-eil mam-sh'lo-tav
Ha-yam (2x) ra-a va-ya-nos
Ha-Yar-dein yi-sov l'a-chor
[Repeat Chorus]

He-ha-rim rak'du ch'ei-lim g'va-ot kiv-nei tzon (2x)
[Repeat Chorus]

When Israel went out of Egypt, when the house of Jacob emerged from a babel of tongues, Judah became God's dwelling place, Israel, God's dominion. The sea looked and fled. the Jordan turned back. The mountains danced like lambs, the hills like young sheep.

Traditional folk melody
Lyrics from Psalm 114:5-8

Ma l'cha ha-yam ki ta-nus ha-Yar-dein ti-sov l'a-chor.
He-ha-rim tir-k'du ch'ei-lim g'va-ot kiv-nei tzon.
Mi-lif-nei a-don chu-li a-retz mi-lif-nei E-lo-ha Ya-a-kov.
Ha-hof-chi ha-tzur a-gam ma-yim cha-la-mish l'may-no ma-yim.

Why do you flee, O sea? O Jordan, why do you change your course? Why do you frolic, O mountains? Why do the hills tremble? In God's presence, the earth moves before the God of Jacob. You transform rocks into pools of water. You turn flint into flowing springs.

Music by Debbie Friedman
Lyrics from Psalm 126:1 -6

Shir ha-ma-a-lot b'shuv A-do-nai
Et shi-vat Tzi-yon ha-yi-nu k'chol'mim
Az yi-ma-lei s'chok pi-nu
Ul'sho-nei-nu ri-na

Az yom'ru va-go-yim
Hig'dil A-do-nai la-a-sot im ei-leh
Hig'dil A-do-nai la-a-sot i-ma-nu
Ha-yi-nu s'mei-chim

[Repeat Chorus]

Shu-va A-do-nai et sh'vi-tei-nu
Ka-a-fi-kim ba-ne-gev
Ha-zor'im b'dim'a
B'ri-na yik'tzo-ru

[Repeat Chorus]

Ha-loch yei-leich u-va-cho
No-sei me-shech ha-za-ra
Bo (ya-vo) (2x) v' ri-na
No-sei a-lu-mo-tav

[Repeat Chorus]

A song of ascents: When God returned us to Zion from exile, we thought we were dreaming. Then our mouths filled with laughter and songs were on our tongue. The other nations saw and said, 'Adonai has done great things for them. " Adonai has done great things for us, and we were very glad. Return us again to freedom, Adonai, like streams, long dry, to the Negev returning. Those who sow in tears will reap in joy. The farmer wants to weep when he buries the precious seed. but singing he comes back with his arms filled with grain.