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Miriam's Cup: Passover Songbook

Music by S. Postolsky
Lyrics from Haggadah

A-va-dim (ha-yi-nu) (2x)
A-ta (b'nei cho-rin) (2x)
A-va-dim ha-yi-nu
A-ta (2x) b'nei cho-rin
A-va-dim ha-yi-nu
A-ta (2x) (b'nei cho-rin) (2x) (2x)
We were slaves, now we are free.

Music by Debbie Friedman
Lyrics by Debbie Friedman and Savina Teubal
Based on Genesis 12:1-2

L'chi lach, to a land that I will show you.
Leich l'cha, to a place you do not know
L'chi lach, on your journey I will bless you.
And (you shall be a blessing) (3x) l'chi lach.

L'chi lach. and I shall make your name great.
Leich l'cha, and all shall praise your name.
L'chi lach, to the place that I will show you.
(L'sim-chat cha-yim) (3x) l'chi lach
And (you shall be a blessing) (3x) 1'chi lach.

Music and lyrics by Debbie Friedman

For our teachers and their students
And the students of the students.
We ask for peace and lovingkindness.
And let us say: Amen.

And for those who study Torah,
Here and everywhere,
May they be blessed with all they need,
And let us say: Amen.
We ask for peace and lovingkindness,
And let us say: Amen.

Music and lyrics by Debbie Friedman
Based on Exodus 15:20-21

And the women dancing with their timbrels
Followed Miriam as she sang her song.
Sing a song to the One whom we've exalted.
Miriam and the women danced and danced the whole night long.

And Miriam was a weaver of unique variety.
The tapestry she wove was one which sang our history.
With every thread and every strand she crafted her delight.
A woman touched with spirit, she dances toward the light.

[Repeat Chorus]

As Miriam stood upon the shores and gazed across the sea,
The wonder of this miracle she soon came to believe.
Whoever thought the sea would part with an outstretched hand,
And we would pass to freedom, and march to the promised land.

[Repeat Chorus]

And Miriam the Prophet took her timbrel in her hand,
And all the women followed her just as she had planned.
And Miriam raised her voice with song,
She sang with praise and might.
We've just lived through a miracle, we're going to dance tonight.

[Repeat Chorus]